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Psychologist. PhD and Master in Investigative Psychology from the University of Liverpool-England. Specialist in Clinical Psychology from the State University of Paraíba-UEPB. Professor of the Department of Psychology and the Department of Law-UEPB. Former coordinator of the Specialization Courses in: Police Intelligence and Criminal Analysis; Criminal and Procedural Criminal Law and Public Security (MJ/ SSP-PB/ACADEPOL-PB/UEPB). Professor of specialization courses in: Criminal Law; Public Security; Criminal Expertise; Police Intelligence and Criminal Analysis (UEPB). Professor of Specialization Courses in: Public Security at the Military Police of the State of Paraíba-PB; Criminal Sciences-CESREI-PB; Legal Psychology-FIP-PB; Legal Psychology-FACHO-PE; Criminal Expertise & Forensic Sciences-DALMASS-PA; Legal Psychology and Criminal Intelligence-INCURSOS-GO; Criminal Profiling-IPEBJ-SP. Professor of several courses for the Brazilian Police, Magistrate Schools, Criminal Forums and Universities, in the area of Crime Scene Analysis and Profile of Criminals; Criminal Behavior; Investigation Techniques; Geographical Profiling; Criminal Profiling and Investigative Psychology. Speaker at national and international congresses. Scientific articles evaluator and member of the editorial board of Scientific Journals. Former president of the Brazilian Association of Legal Psychology-ABPJ. Former Director of the ABPJ Northeast Regional Directorate. Former Vice-President of the Brazilian Institute of Security and Justice-iBRASJUS. Only Brazilian with doctorate in Investigative Psychology.


Psychologist. Professor of Criminology, Psychiatry, and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. PhD in Psychology from the University of York, England. Graduate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, England His interdisciplinary research focuses on the etiology and prevention of antisocial, violent, and psychopathic behavior in children, adolescents, and adults. He has been the principal investigator on 18 extramural research grants and main mentor on 11 NIH pre- and post-doctoral awards. Published more than 450 journal articles and book chapters in addition to 7 books, and has given over 400 invited presentations in 29 countries. His most recent book, The Anatomy of Violence, reviews the brain basis to violence and draws future implications for the punishment, prediction, and prevention of offending, as well as the neuroethical concerns surrounding this work. He is Past-President of the Academy of Experimental Criminology and his awards include an honorary degree from the University of York, England in 2015 and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Psychopathy from the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy in 2017.


Psychologist. Forensic Scientist. Criminal Profiler. Instructor of Criminal Profilers in Mexico. Master in Criminology. BA in Psychology from Ciudad Juárez University. He worked in a forensic laboratory at Ciudad Juárez from 2005 to 2014. He is currently a consultant to many law firms and police departments in the cities of Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Spain. Founder of the Behavioral Science Unit of Mexico and the Special Group of Scientific Police. Author of Criminal Profiling: The History (2014) and Psychopathology of Homicide and Serial Killers (2017).


Psychologist. Director of Protagoras Forensic Interventions Ltd. Research Associate in Forensic and Investigative Psychology at The University of Liverpool. MSc in Forensic and Investigative Psychology from The University of Liverpool, England. Undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science and Law from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on (i) interviewing and interrogation; (ii) domestic violence and (iii) resilience building in children at risk of violence. She has been the lead researcher on 12 research grants funded by the Home Office of the UK. The FBI and has developed violence reduction programs in over 60 schools in the UK as well as domestic violence programs for corrections and probation in the US and UK. Her two most recent books (with Laurence Alison), Rapport (published by Penguin) and Rapport, Resistance and Reactance: The Use of ORBIT for Law Enforcement, Security and Military Interviewing (published by OUP), which reviews the importance of rapport building to mental and physical health and the use of rapport in extracting information in law enforcement, security and military intelligence interviews.


Psychologist. Professor of Forensic and Investigative Psychology at The University of Liverpool. PhD in Forensic and Investigative Psychology from The University of Liverpool, England. Undergraduate degree in Psychology at University College London-England. His interdisciplinary research focuses on (i) interviewing and interrogation; (ii) high stakes decision making; (iii) profiling indecent image offenders. He has been the principal investigator on over 30 research grants funded by The European Commission, The Home Office, The FBI and The Army Research Institute. Has published over 300 journal articles and book chapters in addition to 12 books and has given over 500 invited presentations in over 20 countries. His two most recent books (with Emily Alison), Rapport (published by Penguin) and Rapport, Resistance and Reactance: The Use of ORBIT for Law Enforcement, Security and Military Interviewing (published by OUP), reviews the importance of rapport building to mental and physical health and the use of rapport in extracting information in law enforcement, security and military intelligence interviews. He is recognized internationally for work that has real world impact and awards include a Gold Award for impact from The International Association of Chiefs of Police, USA.


Forensic Psychologist. PhD student in Forensic Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Coimbra (FPCE-UC), Portugal. Master’s in forensic medicine and Forensic Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Advanced Specialist in Psychology of Justice by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists. Coordinator of the Institute of Clinical and Forensic Psychology-MIND. Consultant to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences-IP. Coordinator of the postgraduate course in Forensic Psychology at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, Portugal. Author and Coordinator of several books. Invited lecturer at several national and international universities. Member of the Psychological Assessment and Psychometry Laboratory (PsyAssessmentLab) (FPCE-UC). Member of the Ethics Committee of the Psychology Research Center (CIP) of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL). Honorable Member of ABPJ.


Forensic Doctor. Forensic Expert of the Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Master from the Postgraduate Program in Health, Laboratory Medicine and Forensic Technology, UERJ. Specialization in Occupational Medicine and Legal Medicine, UFRJ. Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ Brazil. Professor at the Estácio de Sá University in Rio de Janeiro. Company Executive Director of The Jury and Expertise.


Psychologist Clinical and Legal. Master's student in the International Master in Criminological-Forensic Sciences at the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Training in Mental Health and Law at IPq-USP, qualification to Psychological Expertise. Student of formation in Psychoanalysis of the Freudian Body-School of Psychoanalysis-Belém, Brazil. Executive director and technical responsible for Fortiori Consultoria em Psicologia. Professor of the Graduate Program in Psychological Assessment at Dalmass. Lectures on: Psychological Assessment in the Expert and Forensic Context; Preparation of Documents from Psychological Assessment; Professional and Career Guidance and Supervision. Ad Hoc Expert and Technical Assistant in civil, criminal and labour cases. Research development in interface between Criminal Law and Psychoanalysis, especially the role of the Psychologist in the Brazilian Prison System, the Criminal Examination and the Individualization of Penalty Execution. Former president of the Brazilian Association of Legal Psychology-ABPJ, management 2015-2017. Former Director of the Northern Region of the Brazilian Association of Legal Psychology-ABPJ. Coordinator of the Psychology in the Streets Research and Extension Project in order to reduce risks and bring information to the population about mental health and quality of life. Coordinator in the State of Pará of the Project GDUCC-Dialogue Group University-Prison-Community, a partnership of USP-FORTIORI-SUSIPE. Technical Coordinator of Clinical and Legal Psychology at EgFocus in Luanda, Angola, Africa.


Perita Oficial Criminal da Polícia Civil da Paraíba. Graduada em Farmácia (UFPB) e Direito (UNIESP). Mestre em Tecnologia Farmaceutica (UFPB). Especialista em Criminalística Aplicada a Locais de Crime (Academia Nacional de Polícia). Especialista em Genética e Biologia Molecular (UPE). Professora, palestrante e autora.


Lawyer. Professor of Criminal Procedural Law at CERS, PCJ and PEO. Professor at the Rio de Janeiro Magistracy School (EMERJ), the School Foundation and the Association of the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Professor of Criminal Procedural Law and Criminal Forensic Practice at the Candido Mendes University, approved in a public competition, in addition to several Specialization and Postgraduate courses. Author of legal works, including: Criminal Practice; Uncomplicated Criminal Procedure and Police Delegate-Theory and Commented Questions, from EditoraArmador/JusPodivme co-organizer of VadeMecum Penal, from Editora Armador/JusPodivm.


Psychologist. Director of the Psychology and Neuropsychology Service of the Psychiatry Institute (IPq-HCFMUSP). Coordinator of the Center for Psychiatry and Forensic Psychology (IPq-HCFMUSP). Collaborating Professor at the Department of Psychiatry-FMUSP. Collaborating Professor of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience and Behavior-IPUSP. Full Professor of the Graduate Program in Health Psychology-UMESP, Brazil.


Federal Criminal Expert based at the National Institute of Criminalistics, Brasília-DF. Post-doctoral student in Forensic Anthropology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Granada, Spain. PhD in Sciences, with a concentration in Pathology/Legal Medicine-FMRP-USP, Brazil. Master in Health Sciences. Ex-Chair of INTERPOL DVI Standing Committee and INTERPOL DVI Working Group. National and International speaker on the topic of Identification of Disaster Victims. Professor at the National Police Academy. Associate Coordinator of Project nº 37 of the CAPES Forensic Science, Edital (Pro-Forensics).


Enfermeira Forense. Mestre em Perícias Forenses pela UPE. Especialista em Saúde Pública pela UNAERP. Enfermeira do Complexo Hospital da UPE. Enfermeira Auditora do HMAR-Exército Brasileiro. Membro da Comissão Nacional de Enfermagem Forense-COFEN. Coordenadora da Comissão Estadual de Enfermagem Forense do COREN-PE. Membro da Comissão de Perícias Forenses da OAB-PE.


Psychologist and Philosopher. PhD student at PUC, São Paulo (CAPES scholarship). Master's degree from the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology at Escola Paulista de Medicina, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, in the area of Forensic Psychiatry. Specialization in Cognitive Therapy by the Institute of Cognitive Therapy of São Paulo. Specialization in Improvement in Homicidal Behavior by the National University of La Plata, Argentina. He has worked in the clinical and criminal areas for 20 years, relating science and practice to understanding and intervening in violent, psychopathological and criminal acts. He was a psychologist responsible for the Forensic Psychology sector at the São Paulo Military Police Prison from 2004 to 2012. Collaborator in the National Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice from 2006 to 2008. Director of the Criminal Behavior Studies Center-CECCRIM. Consultant and speaker at scientific events throughout Brazil. Author of the book “If Evil Had a Name”. Author of the Psychopathy Verification Scale PCL-SV (Pearson-in validation) and the Criminal Maturity Degree Assessment Scale (Vector Editora-in conclusion). In partnership with Dr. Kevin Beaver of the Florida State University School of Criminology, USA, he has indexed articles published in the Journal of Criminal Justice. He was coordinator of the Specialization Course in Legal Psychology at Faculdades Educatie in São Paulo. His analyzes of cases of national repercussion can be seen in the Criminal Investigation programs of the AXN channel and in the Anatomy of Crime program of the Investigative Discovery channel on Netflix.


Psicólogo. Mestre em comportamento não verbal e análise de credibilidade pela UDIMA/Madrid, Mestrando em Filosofia do programa de incentivo a ciência da PPGF/UFRJ, na linha neurociência, tomada de decisão e inteligência artificial, especialista em Neuropsicologia (UCAM), FACS Certified Coder (PEG), Representante oficial da Noldus TI no Brasil. Membro do grupo de pesquisa em psicologia e virtualidade (IGT/UFRJ/CNPq). Idealizador e Coordenador da primeira especialização em comportamento não verbal e análise de credibilidade da América Latina pela FACSM, Diretor do Clue - laboratório de estudos em desenvolvimento humano, perito judicial em análise de credibilidade, consultor em análise do comportamento não verbal e desenvolvimento de competências socioemocionais. Autor do livro “Introdução a análise de microexpressões (Ed. Alpheratz, 2021).


Doutorando em Psicologia Cognitiva na Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Mestre em Investigative and Forensic Psychology pela Universidade de Liverpool-Inglaterra. Graduado em Psicologia pela Universidade Estadual da Paraíba-UEPB. Pesquisador orientador no grupo CogJus-IMED. Pesquisador em Psicologia Jurídica e Investigativa com artigos publicados em revistas científicas nacionais e internacionais. Autor do livro "Criminal Profiling/Perfil Criminal: Análise do Comportamento na Investigação Criminal".


Major in the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Ceará (CBMCE). Commander of the 1st Search and Rescue Section. Master’s in Public Health from UFCE, Ceará, Brazil. Specialist in Public Security, Citizenship and Human Rights-UFC. Specialist in Civil Defense Planning-FAMETRO. Bachelor of Law-UFC. Degree in Physics-UECE. Crisis Manager of the American Coast Guard-USA. Coordinator of the CBMCE Suicide Attempt Attendance Course. Professor at the State Academy of Public Security. Writer, Speaker and Author of books and articles on suicide, approach and prevention.


Psychologist, Accountant. Basic Qualification in Chemistry, Accounting Technician. Federal Criminal Expert-Special Class-Accounting Area (Retired). Head of the Criminalistics Service at SR / AM for ten years. Former Teaching Coordinator and Coordinator of Public High Security Studies at the National Police Academy. Post-graduate in: Accounting Audit; Strategic Intelligence; Project Management (FGV/Brasília) and Strategic Management (University of Southern California). Research courses by the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, ILEA, CICAD/OEA and EUROPOL. MBA in Business Management from FGV/ESUP-Goiânia. PhD in Social and Basic Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. British Government Postdoctoral fellow, at the University of Liverpool, England. Post-doctorate in Legal Sciences and Constitutional Guarantees from the Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, Argentina. Consultant for UNDP/UN-Project Diagnosis of Criminal Expertise in Brazil. University professor (IPECON, IPOG, IPEBJ and IN-CURSOS). Lecturer, author of several books and articles published (in congresses, meetings and technical magazines). Reviewer of articles in Scientific Journals. Director of Evidenze Consulting and Courses Company.


Criminal Officer Expert. Departmental Superintendent at IPC-PB, Brazil. Doctoral student in Law at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires. Master in Forensic Expertise at UPE/PE. Specialist in Legal Sciences-Potiguar University/RN, Brazil. Specialist in Strategic Management of Public Security-UEPB,PB. Professor and Coordinator of Law Graduation-FESP/PB. Professor of Law Graduation-IESP/PB. Invited Professor of postgraduate courses at the institutions: Fundação Escola Superior of the Public Ministry of Paraíba-FESMIP; IESP/PB; University Center of João Pessoa-UNIPÊ/PB. Professor at the Civil Police Teaching Academy of the State of Paraíba-ACADEPOL/PB, Brazil.


Postgraduate in Business Intelligence from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Specialist in Public and Private Security Policies and Management from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul-UFRGS, RS, Brazil. Bachelor of Military Science, Social Defense Area from the Military Police Academy of the Military Brigade. Governance and Compliance Director at Instituto SAGRES-Policy and Applied Strategic Management. Social Defense Area at the Military Police Academy of the Military Brigade. He was Commander of the Military Police Academy of the Military Brigade of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Officer and Inspector of the Internal Affairs Department of the Military Brigade, where he conducted numerous investigations of corruption and misconduct. As a military attaché of the Attorney General's Office-Public Prosecutor's Office, he implemented and coordinated the Intelligence Nucleus of the Public Prosecutor's Office (NIMP) and the Laboratory to Combat Money Laundering-LAB/LD-Anti-Fraud. At the RS Justice and Security Secretariat he implemented the Intelligence and Telephone Interceptions and Telematics System. He was an analyst at the Department of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs for Public Security-SSP/RS. Business and Government Intelligence Consultant. Consultant for the development of technology and organizational systems focused on corporate intelligence and government activities. Data Governance and Knowledge Protection-Counterintelligence. Professor and speaker of several courses focused on Intelligence, data management and knowledge protection in Brazil and Latin America. Founding partner of the Brazilian Institute of Security and Justice-iBRASJUS.


Professor. Doutor. Pós-Doutorado, Doutorado, Mestrado e Graduação pela USP. Estágio de doutorado na McGill University, Montreal-Canadá. Pós-doutorado no Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto-Canadá. Coordenador do Laboratório de Balística Forense no Departamento de Patologia e Medicina Legal-Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto-Universidade de São Paulo-USP. Perito judicial ad-hoc em casos de erros e acidentes em Odontologia, perícia grafotécnica e balística forense, cadastrado no Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de São Paulo-TJSP. Coordenador de várias pesquisas envolvendo as Ciências Criminais, com ênfase em Balística Forense. SANTOS, Lucas Meciano Pereira dos; ISSA, João Paulo Mardegan. Composição de Gelatina Balística, Processo para Fabricação da Gelatina Balística e Uso da Composição. Depositante: Universidade de São Paulo. Procurador: Agência USP de Inovação. BR 10 2021 026401 2. Palestrante em diversos eventos no Brasil e no exterior. Professor em disciplinas na graduação e pós-graduação da USP, envolvendo a área de Anatomia Humana, procedimentos metodológicos em Criminologia e Balística Forense. Coordenador de convênios com instituições nacionais e internacionais. Autor de mais de 150 trabalhos publicados em revistas nacionais e internacionais.


Psychologist. Master's student in Forensic Criminological Sciences. Specialist in Neuropsychology, Criminology and Legal Psychology. Criminal Psychologist of the Technical-Scientific Police of the State of Goiás, where he conducts psychological examinations on victims and accused in situations of violence. Professor at the State Academy of Public Security of the State of Goiás; Higher School of Civil Police of the State of Goiás. Professional career in higher education teaching, at undergraduate and graduate levels at the following institutions: DALMASS (in several cities in Brazil); PUC-GO; NEPNEURO-GO; IPEBJ-SP, Brazil. Consultant and advisor to the Regional Counselor of Psychology (2016-2018). Consultant to radio, television and virtual media on topics related to Psychological Assessment, Neuroscience and Criminology. Member of the Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences. Former Financial Director of the Brazilian Association of Legal Psychology-ABPJ.


Mestrando em Psicologia Forense pela UTP. Pós-graduando em Psicologia Jurídica e Psicologia Investigativa e Criminal Profiling pelo Instituto Paulista de Estudos Bioeticos e Jurídicos – IPEBJ. Formação em Perícia Psicológica e Neuropsicológica pelo Instituto de Psiquiatria – IPQ/HCFMUSP. Bacharel em Psicologia e Psicólogo pela UNAERP. Psicólogo Forense, Perito Habilitado TJ/SP e Perito Assistente Técnico Criminal. Proprietário, Coordenador e Docente dos Cursos de Extensão em Analysis Psicologia. Proprietário do instituo de pós-graduação GRUPO JIOX. Docente em cursos de Especialização em Psicologia Jurídica, Ciências Forenses, Perícia Criminal e Investigação Forense. Palestrante, Consultor e Supervisor em Psicologia Forense, Criminal e Investigativa.


Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Police of the State of Paraíba. Doctor in Political Sciences of Security and Public Order. Mentor and first commander of the Special Tactical Actions Group of Paraíba. Former commander of the Special Tactical Actions Group (GATE) and the SHOCK Platoon of the State of Paraíba. Commander of the Graduate and Research Center of the Military Police of Paraíba. Deputy Director of the Military Police Education Center of Paraíba. Instructor at the National Public Security Force in the discipline of Crisis Management and Chemical Agents. Tutor of the crisis management course in Distance Learning promoted by the National Secretariat of Public Security-Ministry of Justice. National references in the field of Resolution of Critical Events. Known for his vast experience as a pioneer Crisis Management instructor in Brazil and abroad.


PhD in Sciences, with emphasis on Cognitive Neuroscience-Graduate Program at the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies, University of São Paulo-USP, Brazil. Master in Developmental and Learning Psychology-Graduate Program at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho-UNESP. Specialist in Health Psychology, Clinical and Hospital Practices-UNESP. Professor of Neuroscience and Criminality and Analysis of Communicative Behavior for the courses: Criminal Profiling; Legal Psychology and Criminology at the São Paulo Institute of Bioethical and Legal Studies-IPEBJ-Ribeirão Preto-SP, Brazil. Graduate in Psychology-Faculty of Fundação Educacional Araçatuba-FEA. He has experience as a university professor and psychologist in the fields of Neuroscience and Applied Psychology in several undergraduate and graduate courses. Former vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Legal Psychology-ABPJ.


Psychologist. Post-doctorate in Psychological Assessment, UFRGS, RS, Brazil. PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Master in Social and Personality Psychology, PUC, RS. Specialist in Legal Psychology, CFP. Specialist in Criminology, PUC-RS. Judicial Psychologist at the Rio Grande do Sul Court of Justice (1993-2013). Professor in postgraduate courses, UNISINOS, UFCSPA, UnP-RN, UPF, IPOG, teaching the subject of Forensic Psychological Expertise. Former Scientific Director of the Brazilian Association of Legal Psychology-ABPJ (2010-2011). Author and co-author of books on the subject of Forensic Assessment, among them “Fundamentals of Forensic Psychological Expertise” (Ed Vetor, 2013).